What is better than to be served by someone who understands your demands? We are also gamers. We want everyone in our community to feel secured and pleased by the way we communicate and make business. FocusGamer is currently ranked at the top of its competitors. We offer the best customer service, and video game prices online, satisfaction guaranteed. Our community is what we live for, keeping you in touch with daily gamer news. Make sure to reach us below for any further information.

Charlie Montplaisir

Charlie Montplaisir first started this company with Jay in a underground basement, things have definitely changed since then. He is a web designer in his pass time and records rap music as a hobby. At the age of 20 years old he became an Amazon Affiliate and has been running FocusGamer with Jay for the past year.


Jay Brunelle

Jay Brunelle first started this company with Charlie in 2016, he has a passion for web designing and loves antique cars. By the age of 21 he was already Co-Founder of Focus Gamer, one of the most trending websites around the world! Just like Charlie, he is also part of the Amazon Affiliates program.




Anthony Cardinal
Video Game Tester

Anthony Cardinal has always had a passion for video game designing. He is always on the look for whats new out there. He makes sure to keep you guys in touch with the best games on the market, at all times. Make sure to check out his twitter for daily reviews.

Arnold Lavallée
Social Networker

Arnaud Lavallée is our social networker, he is the main pillar in our Forum. He manages our social medias and makes sure that you guys are up to date with what's going on! Be respectfull to Arnaud, he as the ability to ban you off our page.